India ranks 2nd in DIABETES and 3rd in OBESITY, globally!

It is a well-known fact that consuming foods rich in refined sugar, fat and refined flour is a key contributor to conditions like diabetes and obesity among adults and kids in India. While we all understand the importance of eating healthy, sadly the options available in the market pose a problem.

Popular branded options are loaded with JUNK!

Unfortunately, majority of the popular branded food options available in the market, like biscuits, noodles, soft drinks and even nutrition drink for kids, are loaded with junk ingredients which are unhealthy. And the few healthier options available are either too expensive or don’t taste good.

NuNectar Foods is here to change this!

We at NuNectar Foods are on a mission to reset the benchmark of nutrition and taste in everyday foods. We are obsessed with the idea of serving India with genuinely nutritious and equally delicious alternatives in everyday foods, and that too with no dent in your wallet.